Thursday, March 10, 2011

E.L.F Endless Eyes Pro Mini Eyeshadow Palette

My Tiny Rant;
I've seen a ton of reviews about this palette but I felt the need to give you my thoughts on it.
I feel like a lot of the other people who reviewed this didn't like the palette before they even received it. I also think a lot of them bought it for review purposes only and either didn't use it at all or barely used it before reviewing it. I've used this palette a lot so far, I wanted to test it out so I've used different primers and bases with it and played around with it a lot. So many of those other reviews are "the same". They're talking about how they knew they'd hate it before they got it or how it's only $5 so that must mean it's horrible quality. 
My First Thoughts;
When I ordered this, it was the first time I had ever even heard of ELF and I was excited to see cosmetics that beauty gurus talk about for such cheap prices. I saw this palette that was only five dollars that included 32 eyeshadows and I was super hyped to order it. When I finally got it in the mail, I was happy to see so many different color combinations and couldn't wait to play around with this and see if it was actually any good.
The Packaging;

I like the packaging a lot, It's slim and sleek. I've heard that other people had a problem with their packaging cracking or breaking but I'm very careful with my things and haven't had any issues. I love the little mirror inside as well. I don't use sponge applicators but it did come with one... I tossed it in the bin with all the rest! I think a couple of travel sized brushes should've been included. I do love the simple, clean look this palette has.
The Eyeshadows and Quality;

There is a mixture of matte and shimmery colors and a few colors with glitter. 
You can create so many looks with this palette because of the huge color selection. The colors range from neutrals to bright bold colors and even some blacks and grays. There are even a couple of awesome highlight colors. 
I cannot stress this enough... use an eyeshadow primer or at least a base!! Without a primer or base many of these eyeshadows have very little color payoff or lasting power but with one, you'll find that most of them will have good color payoff and last a pretty long time. You can even buy ELF's eyelid primer for $1! It works well, I use it. I also recommend NYX jumbo eye pencil in milk to use as a base, it works amazingly to brighten these eyeshadows and make them more vibrant. 
About half of these eyeshadows have noticeable fallout BUT not much and isn't any worst than any other eyeshadow that has fallout (which is most). 
One thing you need to know is not to press your eyeshadow brush too hard into these shadows as many of them are very soft. 
Also, to get better color payoff I pat the color on rather than swipe my brush across my lid.
The Swatches;
I'm going to show you each row of four from top to bottom. There are eight rows. These are ALL used with ELF's eyelid primer unless otherwise stated. 

Those are all the swatches, some have good color payoff and a nice texture some don't, as you can see. My favorites are the pink colors and the bright blue color that you see in the second to last row, it's the third one. 
Using NYX jumbo eye pencils work very good like I said before. Just look at how much bolder and more vibrant those eyeshadows are! I just swatched random eyeshadows from the palette over NYX jumbo eye pencil in milk. 
My Overall Opinion;
This is a limited edition item at, I think you can also find this at target. The original price was $10 but it has been reduced to $5. I think this is a great addition to anyones collection and would also be awesome for beginners. The colors are arranged in a great way. Shades that go well together are located side by side so it's very easy to figure out how to create a nice, easy look. This will also allow you to play around with some bright colors that you might've been iffy about before. This will be great for you to learn how to combine colors that look good together. Some eyeshadows in this palette are chalky and flaky, like the very first white color but many aren't. If you want to simply add to your collection, if you're a teen or on a budget or even if you just love playing around with different eyeshadows, this is good for you. 

This is a good deal and a great palette to have. I'm rating this 2.5/5. 

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